Get Involved

Our program was created for the community and we relied on your support to operate.
Participate as a Dropper and/or Volunteer and help support our program today!

  1. Become a Dropper
    One of the best ways to support our program was just to participate. By being a Dropper, you can be a part of a community program that is actively diverting residential food scraps from our local landfill.
  2. Donate when you drop off your food scraps
    We request a $2 suggested donation when you dropped off your food scraps because the program ran mostly on community contribution. For the price of a small coffee, you could ensure the program could keep running to help make Vancouver a greener place to live.
  3. Spread the Word and Bring a Buddy
    Feel good about our program? We encouraged Droppers to help by spreading the word to their neighbours and friends about the program to help divert more organics from landfill!
  4. Volunteer
    This program was almost entirely volunteer-run. We would have no Drop Spot without our volunteers. All of our volunteers can drop off their food scraps for free. We are also working on other volunteer benefits too! If you can, please consider giving a few hours a month for a great cause and help out your fellow community.